The main tasks of Fortuna Administration Limited relate to the formation and administration of the fund. This includes, for example, the preparation of the necessary contracts and brochures, the evaluation of the fund’s assets and communication with the supervisory authority.


Before the actual formation of the fund we like to get to know the client’s requirements. All conversations in this connection are without obligation on the part of the client and free of charge. The client can select the form of the fund from various concepts as soon as his requirements have been clearly outlined. In this way it is possible for the client himself or a suitably qualified representative nominated by the client to sit on the fund’s board as a director; alternatively the client can leave all the administration in our hands. If this option is chosen, the client is completely free from all administrative procedures both in the formation of the fund and its day to day administration.


As soon as the fund is established the on-going administration consists of the calculation of the fund assets and recording the transactions. If required, the fund assets and the current net asset value are published on every NAV valuation date and posted on a publication platform. A report is prepared at the end of each financial year and, if required, information is also provided for tax purposes. In addition, we undertake all correspondence with the supervisory authority and maintain the share register.